Dot Boom Presents ‘The Paperdoll Epic’

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In a very special online puppet video event, Dot Boom is presenting part one of a three-part series in “Papervision.” Art mirrors life as a an author races to the deadline on a project, and has to make some tough choices. Will Dot Boom’s Clark finish his project in time for his wedding? Will creator Brian Hogg seek treatment for obsessive compulsion? Stay tuned for parts two and three.

“I built a scale model of the entire dotBoom office, and even some of the outside. There’s a cast of nearly 50,” Hogg wrote in an email. It’s certainly one way to produce a sitcom on a limited budget! Maybe someday NewTeeVee will get a vote for the “nerd” Oscars — the 6-hour show where they hand out technical awards that gets edited down to three minutes for the main broadcast. In which case, I’d nominate Dot Boom just for the sheer madness.

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