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We already warned you about the upcoming changes to the Daylight Savings law in the United States and how it will affect your computers. Now AP reports that Microsoft is advising that between March 11 and April 1 (when DST would have started without the change to the law) we “should view any appointments … as suspect until they communicate with all meeting invitees.”

Gee, thanks. It’s not quite the Y2K bug, but it’s still going to be havoc for a couple of weeks. It’s not about us. It’s about them. You know, those folks who don’t read blogs like Web Worker Daily and keep their patches up-to-date. They’re the ones who will be sitting there with that appointment that you set up with them months ago, but it’s now one hour off its original time on their computer.

One-stop shopping for all your Daylight Saving 2007 patching needs:

If you know of a web worker-relevant update that isn’t listed here, please leave it in the comments and we’ll edit the entry.

Windows XP/Server 2003: Patch will be pushed via automatic update next week (according to the AP article linked above). Download here if you can’t wait (or if automatic updates are turned off).

Windows Vista: There’s one advantage to the long release delay…Microsoft has had plenty of time to incorporate the new changes into the operating system. No patches needed.

Mac OS X (10.4 “Tiger”): Apple’s 10.4.6 update fixed this already. Make sure you are current with System updates.

Mac OS X (10.3 “Panther”): Infinite Loop has links to an unofficial patch.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003: Patch here. Likely not an issue for most of us web workers, but included just in case.

Linux: A number of knowledgebase articles on the RedHat site outline what you may need to know. Start here.

Windows Mobile: Microsoft has an article here that includes a link to the patch, as well as the steps you have to take to ensure successful syncs with a desktop computer.

Blackberry: Information and official patch downloads.

Microsoft Outlook 2000-2003: Time zone fix here. Outlook 2007 is fine as-is.

Palm OS: There’s no word from Palm if they’re going to offer an official patch. In the meantime, here’s a hack to reconfigure your device’s DST settings manually. Update: Palm has released an official patch for both their Palm OS and Windows Mobile (Treo) devices. This won’t be as much of an issue if you have a Treo or other phone that gets its time from your carrier automatically. So nothing official from Nokia or Sony yet about updates for their phones.

IBM Software (including Lotus Notes): Patches here.

This is certainly an argument in favor of using a web-based calendar like Google, Airset or 30Boxes, isn’t it? But don’t forget to double check and make sure your favorite online calendar has handled the change correctly.

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Dave Anders

I tried this daylight saving update DST utility. Worked great. They have shareware versions and enterprise level versions. Price certainly beats Microsoft. Worked great for me.

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