Crashes, Backups, and Metadata – Oh My!

So last night as I awoke my MacBook from slumber, things seemed a tad off. The beach-ball of death played a prominent role, so I did a hard shut down. When I started back up, there was a strange sound coming from the Hard Drive, and eventually that horrid icon appeared on screen – the file-folder with the “?” in the center. My drive had died.

I can’t stress enough to everyone reading how important it is to backup your system on a regular basis! Do it religiously. Weekly is a good place to start, but a couple times a week wouldn’t hurt either. Daily? You’re a genius. Anyway, my last backup – thankfully – is only as old as Sunday, so very little damage done. Don’t get caught with a dead drive and no backup, it’ll ruin your day to say the least.

The real downside to this story is that I was getting ready to bust out the Metadata Screencast I’ve been talking about the past couple weeks. But while I image a new drive and bring my MacBook back to life, that’ll have to be on hold. In the meantime I’m on my Dell from work (Gotta go take another shower, I’m just feeling so dirty…) and I feel as though I’m trying to run through mud. Ah the Windows way of life. So look for the Metadata Screencast (part 3) early next week – sorry for the delay.

Also, as an aside: A comment in one of the earlier Metadata posts asked about tagging surviving backups. I guess I’m about to find out in a real life scenario, so I’ll be sure to report on that…But I’m fairly certain that sort of thing shouldn’t be lost – why would it?

Ok, until then dear readers, backup, backup, backup!


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