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Yahoo Lays Out Details Of Its New Advertiser & Publisher Group; Schneider To Lead YPN

Susan Decker, CFO of Yahoo, sent out an e-mail to all Yahoo employees detailing the newly formed “Advertiser & Publisher Group” within the company, whose mission is to “to lead the transformation of how advertisers connect with their target consumers and businesses across the Internet, thereby driving more value for more advertisers and more publishers than any other company,” Decker said in the e-mail, obtained by us this morning. The full text of the really long memo is here.
As part of this version of the re-org, many promotions and many change of responsibilities, as well as some departures too.
Among the most important change for media companies working with Yahoo, from the memo:
— The Direct Sales Channel will be led by Greg Coleman, EVP Global Sales, who will continue to manage our industry-leading direct Internet sales organization focused on delivering the most effective marketing solutions to our larger customers. Wenda Harris Millard and David Karnstedt will continue to report to Greg and lead Yahoo!’s direct sales organizations.
— The Online Channel will be led by Rich Riley, who has been promoted to SVP Online Channel & Small Business Services.
— Yahoo! Publisher Network (Supply Channels). I have asked Hilary Schneider to lead the Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN) organization.
— Local Markets & Commerce Division (LMC, formerly Marketplaces). Hilary Schneider has been promoted to EVP of LMC and the publisher network. She will continue to run the Marketplaces businesses (Shopping, Travel, Autos, Real Estate, Local, Hot Jobs, Personals), which are being re-branded Local Markets & Commerce and she will also oversee our publisher strategy.
— Search and Listings Marketplaces: Tim Cadogan has been promoted to SVP, Search and Listings Marketplaces
— Display Marketplaces: Todd Teresi has been promoted to SVP, Display Marketplaces
— Product Management: Mark Morrissey has been promoted to SVP of APG Product Management
— I’m also pleased to announce a new addition to Yahoo!, Mark Rubash, who will join Yahoo’s finance team as SVP of Operations Finance for APG.
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3 Responses to “Yahoo Lays Out Details Of Its New Advertiser & Publisher Group; Schneider To Lead YPN”

  1. rafe flagg

    This reads like an egomaniac's resume. Let's hope all the hyperintensive, verbose, conjecture equates to dramatic increases in shareholder value. Or something like that… At least they have enough new VP's to work on deciphering this org anouncement into tangibile deliverables for the organization.