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Sony Ericsson Touts UIQ

Sony Ericsson is looking for other companies to invest in the mobile operating system UIQ, reports Computer Business Review. The company brought the technology last November and finalized it at the beginning of this month, and are now looking for partners…the bigger the better. “Co-ownership means comfort, in that the shareholder gets influence on the board, access to the figures and generally can guarantee corporate governance,” said Per Aspemar, Sony Ericsson’s head of strategy. It hopes to make it a competitor to Symbian.

2 Responses to “Sony Ericsson Touts UIQ”

  1. Roger Nolan

    I'm pretty sure UIQ will never be a competitor to Symbian as it is a UI built on top of Symbian. SEMC probably want to make UIQ a competitor to S60… which it already is. So, not much of a challenge.