Take Jobs to Task – How to remove DRM from iTunes

I’m a geek and a Mac fan. I admit it. I’ve read Job’s letter four times already. I’ve read countless rebuttles, analyst opinions, and blog posts about Job’s Thoughts on Music. Yesterday the solution to the problem of DRM hit me. Stop buying DRM’d music. We can demand this because its our dollars we give to these failed DRM schemes.

Yes, I’m asking all the Apple iTunes users to do us all a favor. If we, the consumer, want and demand DRM to go away, we have to stop buying it. It’s not a letter from Steve that will make this happen, as he points out the idiodic recording industry demands DRM. It isn’t some companies like Monster and Yahoo who back his ideals. So join me in boycotting DRM and let these clowns know we won’t be controlled because of their own insecurities. DRM had its trial run in the industry and it is a failure. I’m not saying that intellectual property doesn’t deserve to be protected, but I am convinced that there is no technological answer that does not step on customer toes.

DRM failed for one reason. It did what it was supposed to do. Wow, what that must be like to have a customer base you can’t trust. Would you buy from someone who shows contempt for the usage of the product they sell?

Let’s make this clear what I’m asking, because after all these analysts and the other camps spewing crazy statements it is hard to know what is real and fake. Not buying DRM’d content means the iPod still works. I know, I know. It might sprout legs and run back to Cupertino if it isn’t fed DRM’d things to decode. It also means that there is no reason to perform technical voodoo to get the purchased content to actually play. It will just play. Amazing concept? I bet Jobs is an audiophile and wants to sell higher quality content in the store, but due to DRM he can’t offer it. How about Apple Lossless downloads and H.264 encoded Hi-Def movies? DRM has blocked this from happening, not Apple’s technical capability.

I like good technology. AAC is good technology. Ogg is good technology. MP3 is good technology. Apple Lossless is great technology. Protected AAC is not.

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