Skydiver Survives Huge Fall, Releases Vid


What would be a crazy story by any account — a skydiver can’t open his parachute from a 12,000-foot high jump, crashes into the ground at 80 miles per hour, and survives — becomes all the more gripping with video.

In December, professional skydiver Michael Holmes of the British Channel Island of Jersey plummeted into a thicket next to Lake Taupo in New Zealand, thinking he was surely dead, but suffering only scratches, a shattered ankle, and a punctured lung. Now, he’s released the video — multiple news channels are claiming they have the “exclusive,” — so the world can experience his fall from his helmet-cam and that of his friend, who jumped behind him and rescued him.

Here’s an edit of the videos from MSNBC. Crazy.

That version was taken down; here’s another:

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