MP3Tunes: store and stream those MP3’s for free

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Did you run out of space on that iPod or Zune? You might want to check out MP3Tunes which serves as an on-line storage provider for your music via their Oboe digital locker service. The service previously cost $39.95 a year but according to BetaNews, the fee has been dropped for basic service. You’ll be limited to 10 MB for any individual files but MP3Tunes increased the streaming bitrate from 56 kbps to a higher quality 192 kbps. If you want to increase the individual file size limit to 50 MB (say for podcasts), the Oboe Premium service is the ticket at $40 a year.

Both the free and premium services offer the Oboe Sync software to keep your tune in synch; if you’ve got a mobile device with connectivity, you can even stream through a mobile web client.

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