Highrise Contact Manager from 37 Signals, Coming Soon


highrise contact managementYou know 37 Signals for their famous Basecamp project management application, and the Ta-da List to do manager. Get ready for their new application, a Contact manager called Highrise, likely to be released very soon.

Highrise is a shared contact manager, and similar to Basecamp, and is built around the concept of collaboration. It can be used as a personal contact directory, or as a shared address book between co-workers.

The application can be used to keep track of contacts, what they said, and make notes attached to contacts. It sounds like a fully rounded address book application that is done right is going to make a lot of people more productive.

Jason Fried recently wrote about the new application on the 37 Signals blog, and gave a run down of their development and launch process. The next few weeks, 37Signals will release screenshots, concepts, and videos  until the team is happy with the product. They are currently using the product and ironing out the kinks. To get an early preview you sign up on the site to be notified.

Highrise sounds pretty exciting. It better be because one thing the world doesn’t  need is yet another online address book!


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