Fujitsu ‘Helios’ LIFEBOOK getting supa-fast: HSUPA & HSDPA this summer


We can’t tell you the model number and we’re in the dark on overall specs, but this news from jkOTR reader Bruce sounds "supa" to me: Fujitsu is (partially) showing off a new LIFEBOOK notebook with HSUPA / HSDPA support at 3GSM. According to the company press release today, the connectivity options will appear in a new model this summer.

"While the UMTS standard HSDPA (High Speed Download Package Access) speeds up downloading from the internet to 7.2 MBit/s, the upload speed ¨D i.e. the speed at which commands and data are sent ¨D is slower (384 kBit/s). HSUPA, on the other hand, enables an upload speed of 1.4 MBit/s."

Bruce tells us that the codename for the model is "Helios" and will be considered an ultraportable notebook, possibly weighing in just over 1 kilogram. Clearly, Fujitsu is keeping the "Helios" under wraps since they’ve got most of it undercover; looks widescreen to my four eyes.



looking at the keyboard, and how they ‘disguised’ the casing(pivoting hinge), this could jolly well be fujitsu’s answer to LG’s cool C1 tablet! A slim and compact 10″ tablet convertable :)


it doesnt help that they have it under that whitebox not letting u see the true size & design. that screen does look mighty small though, maybe 7″? i counted 8 icons lined up on the side (unless i’m wrong), unfortunately i’m not by any lower rez screens right now (at a huge desktop monitor). does anybody know offhand what 8 icons rez equals, 600, 768?

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