Freeware of the moment: DeskScapes


DreamscapeEveryone running Vista Ultimate saw the same thing I did this morning: the limited preview of Vista’s DreamScene which we saw demonstrated at CES. This is essentially an active desktop background that can be animated. I called this a "limited" preview because there’s currently only one scene to view, but I did a little digging and found a free extension to it from Stardock called DeskScapes.

DeskScapes provides additional scenes for installation and usage; there’s just a few at the moment, but I’d expect more to follow. If you want to create your own DeskScapes, there’s a download for that too: you’ll create .dream files for DeskScapes to show as an animated background. I’m using a rather psychedelic one that moves at the moment, but I’ll be checking out the Nebula and others soon. You will need to have an Aero-capable graphics card to run Vista’s DreamScene and the DeskScapes (which requires Vista Ultimate), so keep that in mind.


mike delivers hi definition HD 720 1080 dreamscene downloads for windows vista Ultimate, site gets updated with new free dreamscene downloads daily.
No registration required for downloads all downloads are free ,
wonder why there is a member registration on the site then ?


“oh ya, i read the page where it said “without slowing down your PC”. of course, this is the same company that claimed Window Blinds didn’t either.”

Windowblinds doesn’t slow your computer down, and it uses less than 1mb of resources.

“For a Desktop Scene with VLC player and any video file :”

This is not the same as running VLC on your desktop. DeskScapes is capable of running dynamic content without interfering with your desktop.

some guy

at first i thought this was just a bit gimmicky but if you can play whole vids on there while still doing other stuff that is very cool


I was able to set just about any video file as my desktop after installing the preview. In fact I never even saw an included scene, I was only able to test it by manually selecting a video through the personalize desktop option.


Sadly, I installed DreamScene this morning as soon as it was released. I didn’t expect the Fujitsu to be able to run it although it handles Aero Glass no problems. The option to run it is grayed out after the install so I assume the P1610 video cannot handle the heavy program. This doesn’t disappoint me too much as I saw this in January and it doesn’t look like something you want running on a mobile device due to battery consumption. It’s not cool that no check was made and WIndows Ultimate downloaded and installed a program that it will not allow to run. There should be some sort of check for compatibility before doing that.


what kind of resources does this suck up?

oh ya, i read the page where it said “without slowing down your PC”. of course, this is the same company that claimed Window Blinds didn’t either. so i trust them as about as much as i do Michael Jackson babysitting my kids.

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