Forkin-Awesome DVD Ripping


A few days ago we heard that the reincarnation of Handbrake – the DVD ripping software with the Pineapple Cocktail icon – was released in Beta status, as MediaFork. It’s a Universal Binary and about as easy as it gets for ripping DVDs into backups or for viewing on your iPod.

Last night I finally took it for a spin (yeah, that pun was intended – I don’t care who you are, that’s funny!) and it just blew me away. Using the default settings, I ripped a 140 minute movie in about 50 minutes. If you’re new to this kind of thing, those numbers are pretty impressive.

So if you haven’t used MediaFork yet, I highly recommend it. It’s free, and worth every penny.

However if you’re in need of additional output options from your DVD ripping activities (think, optimized for PSP, Flash memory, Disc, etc) you may want to check out another handy app I’ve used for years, Forty-Two DVD VX Plus. Great interface, and tons of options to tweak. It can be yours for just $19.99.

Either way you go, you should be very happy with the results.

EDIT: Just downloaded the most recent version of Forty-Two DVD VX Plus, and it also gives you options to output your rips to Nokia or Wii. Cool!



i tried handbrake to rip and quicktime pro to change to ps3 format but couldnt get it to work this program works but takes a while for a full movie in 760p like 2 hrs what am i doing wrong


im using dvd to mp4 converter for mac to rip and encode to ps3 format and it takes forever but it works i tried a bunch of dif things that didnt work at all


I dont use ffmpeg anymore, I only encode into divx. The quality/filesize is way superior.


50 minutes to rip and encode a movie is very good, especially for h.264. In my experience, ripping a movie with DVD Decrytper on XP takes about 10 minutes and encoding it in standard MPEG-4 compression takes over an hour (2 passes) on Nero Recode 2, easily the fastest PC encoder.

My experience with ffmpegx on the Mac has been painful. Ripping a DVD is straightforward enough, but encoding to MPEG-4 AVC (h.264) has been very slow on my MacBook, and would very often fail, even for 40 minute TV shows.

I’ll have to give the new Handbrake a whirl, it could be just what I’m after.



Handbrake/Mediafork takes a RIPPED (more correctly ‘de-css-ed’ ) dvd and encodes it to another format. With DVD Decrypter on Windows you still need to use an encoding program to convert the stream to divx/mpg4. Plus you may also need something like popcorn or dvdshrink for many DVD’s that are bigger than 4.3Gb (unless you use DVD9 media).

BTW – Do some research before you post incisive comments, you sound like you’re 12 or something.


At what point does it say this is a program that takes the DVD files and encodes it to a new format. All I can see is “the DVD ripping software with the Pineapple Cocktail icon”. To me ripping means copying. Sorry if we aren’t all as knowledgeable as you MySchizoBuddy.


Instead of Forty whatever. use VisualHub ( It’s $23 and does more than Forty-two.

Jon, next time try reading the article rather than jumping the gun and making a fool of urself.

Comparing Ripper+encoder to just ripper is stupid.

Brad V

I just moved up to MediaFork from Handbrake and I too noticed a huge speed increase in encoding to .h264. Running on a 2.16GHz Core Duo MBP, I’ve gone from an average of 22-23FPS encoding up to around 34FPS (Constant Quality = 54%).


I’ve just got to chime in on something – my experience with Forty-Two DVDVX Plus has been poor. It’s not worth it. Their support was okay when Chris L. was there but since his apparent departure, they have been completely unresponsive. And if your serial number breaks after several months, they may not be around to help with it.

Handbrake, on the other hand, is a great program.


Handbrake/Mediafork are rippers AND encoders. It’s akin to having Gordian Knot in one app. Rippers/imagers (like MacTheRipper) work just as fast on a Mac as they do on a PC.


Nope, but you can take the movie file and burn that to a DVD.
There’s another program “MacTheRipper” that copies the DVD, menu and all.


For future notes, does Handbrake have the ability to take the main movie and burn it to DVD?


For future notes, does Handbrake have the ability to take the main movie and burn it to disk?


Excuse my ignorance, what is the difference between copy the DVD to your HDD and ripiing?


Jon, I’ve never heard of ANYONE ripping a DVD that fast. That’s amazing. Seems like someone could have done it in Handbrake if it were possible. As for now though, I don’t mind if it takes a little longer on my MacBook.


No offence, but that is a rubbish time. On Windows, using DVD Decrypter you can copy a DVD to your hard disk in about 10 mins. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a Windows fan and am waiting for Leopard to be released until I buy my first Mac but that sort of speed is not encouraging.

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