Find The Disc Burning App For You


MacApper has a nice rundown of 4 popular disc burning utilities for the OS X platform. They range from free options to $100, and impressions are given on each application. Useful review if you’re looking for a program to handle disc burning activities above what OS X offers you.

I’m partial to Disco, and am loving the newly released 1.0 version. Roxio – in my opinion – has been hanging on by a fingernail…Their weekly $20 off/$30% off/Save Now! emails for Toast have seemed needy to me for some time. But I’m sure there are some good features in there that merit a $100 price tag.

Whichever end of the spectrum you choose, you’re likely to find a good solution for your burning needs (or desires).



disco is a joke… it’s a craptacular UI on top of the free basic burning that comes with the OS… only toast actually adds things that you can’t do in the os.

Matt Hoult

I barely ever need to burn disks anymore but when I do it’s one of two things: internal company disks which are usually boot-able and there is nothing easier for that that Disk Utility (you don’t even need to install it!). The second reason (other than the odd audio CD through iTunes of course) is simple data transaction (usually sending the CD through the post) and that is done with Disco, just because I like the smoke.

Really though, I think that optical disks/drives/media/stuff should be burned, literally. It’s a far inferior product that simply drains battery life/power, weighs and takes up the largest space in my notebook. The optical drive in my MacBook is almost the same size as the main logic board!


I was going to say the same thing as Mike. When I record transport streams from my HD settop box, Toast does a far better job of making a clean DVD from the .m2t file than iMovie does.


i prefer Toast for it’s Mpeg/AVI > DVD burning. Download a movie, toss it into Toast & out comes a burnt DVD. tasty with jam.


Disco is nice, but its Achille’s heel is its lack of DAO support. Makes the program damn near useless for me, unfortunately.

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