EA Meets MySpace!


My SpaceI’m still not sure if this is the weirdest Web 2.0-era marketing gimmick to come along, or the most brilliant: Burnout Band Slam 2 is a contest for unsigned bands on MySpace to win a demo recording contract with Virgin and a slot on the soundtrack of EA’s next Burnout game. Interest from musicians seems strong, at least— launched last week, nearly 3500 bands (from both the US and EU) have already entered the competition.

By my quick listen, the top entries are pretty solid punk/metal/alt/whatever rock tracks ideal for a high octane racing game, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the winners do make it into a Burnout soundtrack (the contest’s wording leaves some wiggle room for Electronic Arts.) More key, it’s just the latest example of social networks converging with legacy media and gaming; if successful as a promotion and content acquisition tool, we’ll surely see more mash-ups like it soon.

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