Cancel noise when you want to: Targus Travel-Ease

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Targus_traveleaseI’m still using the included earbuds for my Zune player, but I’ve been looking for a set of ‘phones that won’t break the bank. The Red Ferret Journal highlighted the $69.95 Targus Travel-Ease headphones that offer noise-cancellation with a twist: push a button to activate the "talk-through" feature to hear the outside world as needed.

Previously, we saw this type of functionality in a higher-end set of Shure ‘buds but I may give the Targus unit a try for a fraction of the price. What ‘phones or ‘buds are you using these days and why?

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I don’t have zune, but I’m using the Sennheiser PXC-300 noise canceling phones to listen music on my Q1P.

Pros: Good sound quality and noise canceling – at least as good as Bose QC3, much lighter than Qc3, foldable design, nice case, still works without batteries (contrary to Qc3), much cheaper than qc3 (~$130)

Con: The external battery pack with the noise canceling electronics can be cumbersome if you don’t have a pocket for it (even tough it has a clip).

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