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With Podcast Ad Revenue Rising, Audience Measurement Catches Up

While eMarketer projects that podcasts will grab $400 million in ad spending by 2011, BusinessWeek was wondering who’s tracking the audiences for this medium? One answer may come from podcast company Podtrac, which today launched a free online media planner that lets advertisers research audience information for audio and video podcasts based on demographics, size, and other characteristics. The company claims to connect some 5,000 of the top podcasters to advertisers but says it includes data for all podcasts in the new service — including those from major media companies with whom Podtrac is not affiliated. The data is indexed to information in Mediamark Research’s Survey of the American Consumer. Podtrac combines MRI

One Response to “With Podcast Ad Revenue Rising, Audience Measurement Catches Up”

  1. At Raw Voice, we're doing our part to make podcast advertising a viable medium. We have the right to negotiate ads for over 1000 podcasts. And we currently have more than 200 podcasts earning ad revenue between our Blubrry and PodcasterNews properties.

    We have a deep connection with our community of podcasters, probably more so than the other companies mentioned in the Business Week piece. As such, we can offer advertisers Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) deals that lowers the risk for the advertiser and increases the return for the podcaster when they do convert a sale. So podcasters are rewarded based on influence and advertisers get quantifiable results.

    Surveys and auto-insertion technology, while important in the overall process, will not be the reasons that podcast advertising will move to the next level. Organizations that have very close relationships with quality podcasters will be able to offer the most flexible deals that will benefit the advertiser, the podcaster and the audience.