@ 3GSM: MTV Rediscovers Videos, Million Mobile TV Streams Per Month

3GSM: Greg Clayman, SVP mobile media, MTV NetworksOne of MTV Networks’ mobile TV strands, the eponymous MTV Mobile, is now pulling down 1 million streams per month, Greg Clayman, SVP-mobile media, said during a session at 3GSM this morning. Clayman: “We stream over a million global video clips per month on MTV alone — not MTV, Nickelodeon, CMTV; just MTV.”

The company offers a range of mobile channels including MTV Mobile, MTV Flux, CMT Mobile, VH1 Mobile and MTV Snax – a strategy Clayman suggested would be extended. “In the U.S., people are always saying MTV doesn’t play videos anymore,” he said. “That’s true — videos have their place and non-music programming does, too. In Europe, we’ve split them up so that people coming for music go to MTV Trax, people looking for short bits of our non-music programming come to MTV Snax. It sounds very simple but it’s been effective. We’re hoping to bring that type of programming to the U.S..”

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