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Where to Find Fresh Video: ClipRoller

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Upstart video search project ClipRoller just posted a first draft of a pretty nifty customizable video homepage. Imagine Netvibes, but with all the widgets dedicated to the latest videos from any search query.

cliproller.jpgWarning: this is a very raw project, but we’re interested enough in the idea to post on it.

Here’s how we envision it working: Say there are six topics you care about and want to keep visual tabs on. Set up search-term channels, and bookmark the page. Every time you fire it up, you can get a picture of what’s fresh across multiple video sites. (You can’t actually do this within ClipRoller yet because there’s no way to sort videos by date.)

CliPro, the maker of ClipRoller, is a small New York City-based consulting shop, just three people funding themselves and trying to get traction. The company originated with a YouTube-like project that won a business plan competition at NYU’s Stern Business School a little over a year ago.

8 Responses to “Where to Find Fresh Video: ClipRoller”

  1. CliPro co-founder here – Thanks Jackson, we are trying to represent the best we can.

    And look out for some even louder noise coming soon. We have quite a few additional rich/premium content sources in the pipeline, and are even more excited about our ClipRoller Live feature.

    Happy searching everyone!