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SightSpeed Vlogger Gets DirectTV Gig

It’s not quite an Amanda-moves-to-ABC story, but it’s still kind of cool when a seat-of-the-pants vlogger gets a bigger stage. Such is the case for Peter Zottolo, an employee of video-messaging provider SightSpeed (aka SightSpeed guy), whose sometimes zany online antics (see video below!) have earned him a hosting gig for an upcoming user-generated content show on DirecTV.

The new show, to be called The Fizz Newzz (whoa, how n33t) will feature Zottolo as host, introducing a bunch of other vlogger contributors. According to a press release today, Zottolo will send his clips in to DirecTV, which will do the compiling while Zottolo keeps his day job (as head of customer service for SightSpeed) while waiting for his eventual call-up to ESPN. Or to the Chippendales channel.

The Fizz Newzz debuts on DirecTV on Feb. 18.