i-Mate Ultimate WM6 phones are Vista Sideshow devices


This is just too cool to pass over.  I-Mate announced no fewer than 5 “Ultimate” phones running Windows Mobile 6 and eWeek is reporting that the 5 phones are Vista SideShow devices.  This is extremely innovative as it means the phones, the 5150, 5150, 7150, 8150 and 9250 can all work as Vista Sideshow devices, so they can be used as remote controls or secondary screens for Vista PCs.  Finally some integrated extensibility using a mobile device!

There’s an unusual amount of Windows Vista integration in the Ultimate phones. The phones will come with an application to serve as a Windows Vista Sideshow device, working as a remote control or secondary screen for a Vista PC. The Ultimate line also functions as media extenders for Windows Vista media center PCs, so you can see the Vista PC’s electronic program guide or watch prerecorded TV, either through a Wi-Fi or 3G cellular connection. Using a TV application codenamed “Snowbird,” a Ultimate 5150 streamed recorded TV programs over Wi-Fi from a Vista PC.

The new phones will be available by June of this year.  Way to go, I-Mate!

Imate sideshow

(via Pocket PC Thoughts)

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