EA to Produce Games for iPhone


Though it hasn’t been officially discussed, there is no doubt that mobile gaming is coming to the iPhone. It’s just too perfect of a platform for gaming. Though not many developers have been clamoring to talk about their personal plans for the new Apple cell phone, Electronic Arts isn’t playing coy. In fact, they seem rather eager.

According to Mobile Industry, Mitch Lasky, VP of EA Mobile, has confirmed that EA is in talks with Apple about bringing their brand of game development to the new iPhone. The iPhone, Apples newest gadget which is one part iPod and one part cell phone, is expected to be released sometime this summer in the U.S., and EA plans to be prepared. “We see a lot of the technology that we’ve utilized on the iPod side being incorporated into the iPhone,” said Lasky.

With the huge amount of positive buzz surrounding the new iPhone, and Apple in general, any developer would have to be nuts to not want to get a piece of the action. Other than EA, PopCap and FreshGames were developers for the Apple iPod, could we be seeing them make another appearance on the iPhone? I wouldn’t be terrible surprised to find myself playing Zuma on my new iPhone sometime this fall.



i wonder how multi-tap touch screen and landscape and portrait views will be used seems like a lot of cool aps could be developed…June needs to come faster.

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