Robbie Bach On MSFT’s Mobile Philosophy Vs Apple


Robbie Bach, the Entertainment and Devices unit president at Microsoft, did a Q&A with on a bunch of mobile-related issues. And he elaboarted on the difference between Microsoft and Apple, in light of iPhone and today’s launch of the new Windows Mobile 6 operating system: “Our strategy focuses on helping you bridge the things you do in your work-style and the things you do in your lifestyle. If you think about Windows Mobile and the work we do integrating with mail and Exchange, while at the same time providing people with multimedia capabilities, text messaging, our Windows Live services, search, etc., we kind of span that view. Apple comes at it more from a pure lifestyle perspective.” How boring.
On touchscreens: “I think it’s an open question. Certainly, the touch screen gives you a little more flexibility, in the sense that you can project on that screen whatever you want. There are tradeoffs you have to make. We’ll have both on Windows Mobile, that’s for sure.”
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