Toshiba announces Windows Mobile 6 device, Kevin cries


Toshiba has announced a new Windows Mobile 6 equipped device that will make Kevin cry when he sees it.  The Portege G900 is very reminiscent of the Toshiba e800 that both Kevin and I used for quite some time except this new device has a slide-out keyboard.  The G900 has a 2 MP camera integrated with what looks to be a very nice device.  Somebody pass a hanky to Kevin, please.




It doesn’t matter if the phone is sold in the US or not. There are plenty of companies with offices in the US that specialize in selling phones that are not sold in the US such as (which kinda dilutes the meaning of “not sold in the US”).

– J

Frank McPherson

The problem with these 3GSM announcements is that they don’t clearly state whether they will be sold in the U.S., and by whom. Sure, the devices are neat, but if they aren’t picked up by any carrier, it’s going to be a challenge to get them.


I will never buy Toshiba again. They literally abandoned a faulty product…the e740. For those who do not remember, the e740 was THE first WiFi equipped PocketPC. It had WiFi before Windows CE did. When Microsoft brought out the new version, they did not offer an upgrade. At the time, it was NOT common practice to do this. Compaq/HP always updated the 3600. Well no more thanks to Toshiba and the others. I’ll buy an Audivox or Lenovo device first or the Nokia N800.


TOSHIBA: I’m back, baby!

A fellow e800 aficionado here (she’s up to 4000+ hours in service and it’s still true love…. with WM2003 First Ed even). This would be a serious contender in the ~ vs. Athena round if Toshiba hadn’t taken this machine with its incredible specs and piddled out in the RAM department – 64 Meg??? That’s so 2006.

I really want Toshiba to hit a homerun with this machine but the market has started to move beyond 64 Meg. Note the Athena and the upcoming Omni.

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