T-Mobile announces WM6 Dash, Kevin cries


T-Mobile has announced their uber-popular Dash Smartphone will be released soon with Windows Mobile 6.  This is sure to make Kevin cry since he just recently picked up a Dash with WM5.  The new Dash looks to be very similar to the current model but with WM6 onboard.



TFGBD (Joseph Mc.)

Thats because MS’s stupid Pixel Doubling/ “DPI” support that is more commonly used on the VGA Pocket PCs is enabled by default. From what I have observed looking at these newer QVGA Smartphone platform devices in the store and testing things on the device emulators, the damn pixel doubling makes apps look like 176×220/220×176 on 240×320/320×240 Smartphone just as much as it makes VGA look like QVGA on a those high resolution Pocket PCs… Talk about a waste of space…

Oh well. At least this annoying (screen) space wasting “feature” can be fixed with registry edits and such. You guys should know. You used to host MyVGA, afterall. ;)

Hi Kevin. I’m not sure if you remember me or not but I was the (young) guy with an H/PC you once met at Tony A’s Pizzeria. Sorry I did not get back to you before your site (Pocket PC Tools) closed. ;) Contact me on http://www.hpcfactor.com if you wish. Thanks.


Kevin doesn’t have to cry. ;)

According to Microsoft’s press release – “…and in the United States, the popular T-Mobile Dash will be updated with Windows Mobile 6 and be available in the coming months. Current T-Mobile Dash owners will also be able to upgrade existing devices with Windows Mobile 5.0 to Windows Mobile 6.”

I hope T-Mobile’s also planning to offer an upgrade to current MDA (Wizard) owners. Or I might have to cry. :)

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