StumbleVideo Gets to Living Room via Wii


San Francisco-based StumbleUpon is releasing tonight a customized version of its StumbleVideo for the Nintendo Wii. Like efforts from SofaTube and Veoh, the idea is to bring web video to the living room.

StumbleVideo is a tool for serendipitous video browsing that learns from your likes and dislikes to recommend fresh clips (our initial review)., as of tonight, will be customized for the Wii remote, so viewers can stumble through video and rate it with the arrow buttons.

The StumbleVideo experience is fairly linear, with just a video in the middle of a black screen and little in the way of metadata surrounding it. The service usually picks good clips, but you don’t really feel in control — not exactly what we’ve come to expect while multi-tasking on the laptop. However, it seems just about right for a four-button remote that’s manipulated from the comfort of a couch.

The guys from StumbleUpon said today that the Wii interface was an first experiment, and depending on its success they might develop a StumbleVideo for any set-top box with an internet connection.

StumbleUpon has about 1.9 million users; its core product is a toolbar that recommends web sites. Nintendo has said it will ship 6 million of its oft-sold-out Wiis by the end of March.

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