Parallels Kowtow-ing to Apple

There have been several instances in months past about people hacking OS X to run on run-of-the-mill beige-box pc hardware. So we know it can be done. Last week the news was released that Parallels (the de facto leader in virtualization on the OS X platform) would not release a client that would virtualize OS X on Windows without the go ahead from our friends in Cupertino.

I understand that companies want to stay in Apple’s good graces – I imagine life could get difficult if Apple decided not to like you… But while we know it’s possible to do this sort of thing, Parallels doesn’t even really cop to that. Makes me wonder if there’s some dealings going on behind that scenes that won’t be revealed until Leopard is upon us. Many have said there will not be any virtualization baked-into OS X, but I believe that can’t hold true for too long. Will it come in Leopard? Probably not. But what about 10.6? I boy can dream, right?


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