I Want Multitouch in Apple Computers


It’s not much of a secret that I am taken with the possibilities that Multitouch technology offers. The iPhone will be a great push in that direction, but I really can’t wait to see stuff more like this, hopefully coming from Apple.

I guess the catch is that – at least early on – it would be a pretty niche concept. I’m thinking, air traffic control, brainstorming/collaboration sessions for large groups, and so on. But down the road I could see it being more widely adopted, and even becoming a mainstay in the home computing realm. Along the lines of graphic arts, this could be insanely cool. It’s probably a ways off, but I’m ready for it NOW.

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I think they should get rid of the trackpad and keyboard, and instead make the whole surface area a multi-touch display… so you can ajust where you want your trackpad and keyboard. Would be an awesome solution for apple! If you like this idea, please get the word around to other people. Then it just might get around to APPLE and they may even bring it to reality! This would be ulimatly AWESOME!!!!!


Does anyone remember igesture from fingerworks?
It’s impossible to find these days since the corporation no longer exists, but the web page is still available to taunt me: http://www.fingerworks.com/

@matt: from my experience with igesture I really can’t agree. It takes a wile to get used to all the finger “chords” and FingerWorks really got it to the next level by actually being able to differentiate all 5 fingers. But after that learning phase you’d really gets things done quicker (dragging an folder/icon with index, middle and ring finger would copy, index and ring finger would move, and so on).

I get the feeling fingerworks were way ahead of their time, and the price’s weren’t too high, so I really can’t understand what went wrong.

Matt Hoult

It seems strange to me that while I love it, I want it, I need it; I also think it’s kind of a step backwards. Much like the Nintendo Wii this is getting us to move more and more, exhaust energy while many of the functions of computers (at least in todays business market) is to stop exactly that.

For example, I use Apple Remote Desktop and Mail on a daily basis in order to control and message computers and people in other areas of the building or city that I would otherwise have to travel to. It looks like the tables are twisting, rather than turning.

Could it be that in the future we no longer wear pedometers on our legs, but instead on our arms and that’s how we travel? Virtually, through hundreds of miles of multi-touch a day? Imagine the size I could get my biceps with enough typing!


In my opinion, the biggest opportunity would be a Multitouch trackpad on laptops. Imagine a slightly enlarged trackpad with a display that was context sensitive. The possibilities are just incredibly and it seems like a logical application.

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