How many Apple stickers do you have?

Apple logo stickersFor decades, Apple has included two Apple logo stickers with its hardware and software packages, giving customers a way to publicly display their love or appreciation of Apple products. But even Apple fanatics only have so much car exterior to plaster, leaving most of these stickers unused.

Apple computers originally came with the rainbow-colored logo stickers. But in the mid-’90s, Apple switched to the more stylish (and less hippie) white stickers.

Between the various Macs, iPods, AirPort base stations, wireless keyboards and OS X purchases of the last few years, I realized I currently have 11 of these white stickers sitting around. It’s not the total number I’ve ever had, since I’ve resold a number of Apple products and included the stickers in the box.

But I know I’m not one of the heaviest Apple purchasers. So the ultimate question is: How many Apple stickers do you currently have?


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