How many Apple stickers do you have?


Apple logo stickersFor decades, Apple has included two Apple logo stickers with its hardware and software packages, giving customers a way to publicly display their love or appreciation of Apple products. But even Apple fanatics only have so much car exterior to plaster, leaving most of these stickers unused.

Apple computers originally came with the rainbow-colored logo stickers. But in the mid-’90s, Apple switched to the more stylish (and less hippie) white stickers.

Between the various Macs, iPods, AirPort base stations, wireless keyboards and OS X purchases of the last few years, I realized I currently have 11 of these white stickers sitting around. It’s not the total number I’ve ever had, since I’ve resold a number of Apple products and included the stickers in the box.

But I know I’m not one of the heaviest Apple purchasers. So the ultimate question is: How many Apple stickers do you currently have?



Just about all of them going back to the first rainbow one with that blocky black lettering (which I got when installing some hardware for a client — he had it and let me keep it!)



Two are the current white ones (got rid of the rest), two are the older rainbow ones with the Garamond font, and two are the really old rainbow ones with the Apple II font (got them with my IIgs in 1989).


Having an Apple sticker on your car is indeed like a secret handshake. Driving along the interstate one time, a particular car was following us for some time. When we took an exit ramp, they pulled up alongside quickly and the passenger held an iBook up to the window. You feel an instant connection when you find another Mac user in the wild, like you’ve found a friend in a sea of mindless PC dorks.


I don’t really have much of a “collection” per se, but I like the Apple stickers because I cam promote and sway people of the wonders of Mac on the go. I’ve got one on my study folder just now, actually. Although I think the best place you can put an Apple sticker is on a guitar, like Thom Yorke from Radiohead:


I was looking through my collection, and interestingly enough, there are many variations.
The oldest one I have is a square backer rainbow apple with the old apple computer font and darker colors. Then there are the rainbow stickers with the apple shaped backer and the old font. Next is a sheet with two smaller rainbow apples and no text. Then a square sheet with two smaller white apples. Also, rectangular backers with two white apples and the same except each apple has a little ® hanging off the lower right side, and finally a rectangular backer with one shiny apple and one matte apple. Quite an evolution!


I have a few hundred. Mostly white but some rainbow. I discovered a cache of them in a filing cabinet at the all Mac school I work at. Yeehaw!


i dont have any! you should send me some! ill pay u or make a trade…

Scott Gant

I have some Apple stickers, but I think I have some of you trumped. I still have NeXT stickers!


Well, two large boxes full, figure about three hundred! Working in education, with hundreds of iMacs you collect a lot of these things. Question is, what do we do with them? Thought about giving them to students, but then we’d have to deal with parents who didn’t want them stuck on their car’s paint job.

So, right now I use them as labels for Boxes of CD as part of a cd library. At least we know the CDs are for Apples!

Anyone want some? What are they worth on eBay?


Hey. In reply to you comment. I would love to have a pile of apple stickers. Would be willing to pay for them ofcorse. Please help me out. Thanks


Apple stickers? I’ve never received any stickers with my Apple hardware and software… :(


2 white ones, as I’m a recent mac convert. I did attach one to my Atari monitor last week though, just to remind it who’s boss.


24, 19 of which are used around certain items of the house and car. Mainly to seperate my stuff from the kids and wife’s.

Matt Hoult

I have a drawer full; looks like 24 unused stickers and a couple that are a little mashed up. I never know exactly where I am supposed to put them. I mean, I can’t put them on my notebook can I? That would ruin the beauty!


They’re safely stored in my sticker box in the basement. Doing a count from memory comes out to 10 sheets (four 6-color), plus another half dozen or so from various new computers I’ve had throughout the last 12 years at my job.

Very few have been used, since I’ve only had 6 vehicles since I got my first Mac (SE), plus a few used on drum and equipment cases.


I’ve got a half dozen or so squirreled away in various places, along with two of the old style rainbow static stickers that I haven’t yet used. It’s odd that I’ve gotten rid of so many things in various moves over the years, but those rainbow Apple stickers have stayed with me.


I currently have 13 (I used one, shudder), If you are ditchin’ your stickers, I’ll take em’! I always make sure the stickers are gonna get used- otherwise, when I am done setting up their system and transferring data over, I all but BEG for them…hehe.


I have none left :(
If some of you guys have spares… I’d appreciate a few…


Currently I have 20 (remember there are two to a sheet) and 4 mini stickers that came with my nanos. I have had up to 180 when my school upgraded 3 labs with 30 brand new 20″ iMacs. Sold some on eBay and gave a lot away to students as prizes.


I have 6 stickers which are only mine. But if counting all that reside in my house, that’ll be 12.

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