GarageBand Tips

garagebandAfter months of dragging her feet, my younger sister finally ponied-up and bought a MacBook. She’s an exceptional piano player and has a Digital Yamaha Piano that she plays. I sent her the USB/Midi cable she’ll need to marry the two pieces together and allow her to get crazy in GarageBand, so lack of hardware should not be a road block for her. Getting used to using GarageBand however, will be the most likely culprit.

While I’ve toyed with GB a bit, I’m no lyrical gangster – in fact if my little sis and I were the characters in Twins, I’d be the Danny DeVito of musical ability… So while I can instruct her on the basics of navigating the app, I’m hoping there may be some exceedingly cool readers who can leave excellent tips for new GarageBand users. Whether that be good reference websites, tutorials, or just things to know/use in the app itself, all would be appreciated.

GarageBand is one of the really neat programs that make it possible for just about anyone to get creative with music. But it can be a bit daunting to the uninitiated, so hopefully we can compile a nice listing of tips and resources here, for all those who have been interested in trying their hand at music, but have yet to take the dive.

Thanks in advance for some great input, dear readers!


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