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MySpace’s Filtering Efforts Begin

Seems like this will be the content-filtering week: the YouTube-DMI deal, the Bolt-GoFish-UMG deal, and now this: MySpace has started a pilot program aimed at detecting copyrighted video content by using the audio on videos to identify and track them….UMG also sued MySpace.
This digital fingerprinting technology licensed was from Audible Magic. MySpace said it maintains a database of fingerprints uploaded by content owners. The blocking of unauthorized clips is on a voluntary basis to prevent the exclusion of materials that companies want to be uploaded, reports Reuters. MySpace also already utilizes an audio-targeting technology provided by a different company, Gracenote.
This should put more pressure on YouTube, which has made promises till now…Reuters story says News Corp subpoenaed YouTube in January to learn the identities of users who had uploaded episodes of hit show “24” ahead of its TV broadcast and episodes of “The Simpsons.”

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