Time to Vote On Your Favorite Indie Game


The IGF (Independent Games Festival) is a gathering of independent game developers to showcase their latest work, give workshops and enter competitions. Previous IGF winners include the makers of Cloud, who signed with Sony for PS3 development, and Darwinia, which is currently available on Steam. In these competitions, those who are judged the best in each category win cash awards and other prizes. Among the various awards is one that’s decided upon by the audience, and this year the IGF has announced that its audience awards voting will be hosted by GameSpot.

Each year, the festival manages to show us new stuff from developers we know and introduces us to those who are just coming up. If you’d like to play the games and vote on your favorite, go over to the GameSpot IGF page and sign up. This is a great place to see who will be the developers of tomorrow and have a hand in recognizing young talent.

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