This Week At Giga Gamez (02/05/2007 – 02/11/2007)


Here’s our weekly round-up of the top stories on Giga Gamez from last week.

Avast! Wagner James Au is shivering his timbers in anticipation of what the minds behind Puzzle Pirates are up to next.

Jason takes an in-depth look at why World of Warcraft is doing well and how long we can expect to see it last.

Virgin America, an airline that’s opening up in the U.S, is having a contest to search for developers for their new in-flight entertainment system.

Blu-ray is outselling HD-DVD by a margin of 3 to 1. Could it be the winnner in the HD format wars?

WJA predicts that, because GameStop is going to fire any staff member who sells M-Rated games to minors, we’ll see less M-Rated games.

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