Piaggio MP3- 3-wheeled scooter with power


Piaggio MP3I saw this on Jason Calacanis’ blog, the Piaggio MP3, a unique scooter with two wheels in the front which according to the firm and this video allows tighter cornering.  The MP3 will do 80 mph so it’s not shabby in that department, plus it looks cool and practical and I’ll bet it’s a lot of fun to take out on the road.



That’s very cool. I’ve seen a lot of scooters, NEVER one with two wheels in the front. Certainly a selling point for people with balance issues. BTW… the video is no longer available.


I can drive this baby with my car license, yippeeee!!!


It’ll still tip over until you stop. Once you break 5-10 mph, the suspension lock disengages, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’ll tip over just like any other motorcycle.

However, with three wheels, it leans and corners a LOT harder than any other scooter.

The US version is currently just the 250cc. At 100 lbs heavier than its other 250cc counterparts using the Piaggio QUASAR engine. It’s going to corner like mad, but acceleration will not be stellar. If you’re looking for a good two-up maxiscoot, I’d wait for the 400cc MP3.


Hopefully they’ll bring it over here. We’re currently using one maxi scooter as a runner day to day errands, but my wife dislikes the weight/height. Something like this would be good as its more stable for shorter folk, as scooters run heaver than motorcycles of the same engine size.

Kevin C. Tofel

Call me crazy, but I’m thinking about this. We have two cars: a 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid and a 2004 Acura. It would be tough for us to go to one car, but this might be a nice supplement to a single car for us. Hmmm….


Looks like a scooter for people who’re afraid they’d tip over on a two-wheeler :)

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