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YouTube Coming to Vodafone Cell Phones

YouTube sent the mobile industry in a tizzy last year by indicating it would move onto at cell phones this year. First it was a deal with Verizon Wireless in the U.S., and today European carrier Vodafone announced a similar deal to offer YouTube content first to its U.K. subscribers and later subscribers in other European countries.

Sounds good, huh? — the mobile web bringing you the latest YouTube videos, all those ‘in-a-box’ and annoying NoHo clips. But actually, like the Verizon Wireless deal, the YouTube content for Vodafone will be a “daily selection” of YouTube videos, chosen by the companies. Boring. I want to sift through the truly obscure stuff, even if it’s from my phone. Anyway, check out GigaOM for a look at why Vodafone really wanted this deal.