Windows Mobile 6: The Video

Windows_mobile_6So you’ve been reading up on the newly announced Windows Mobile 6 platform, or "The OS formerly known as Crossbow". (No, I don’t know what the esoteric male-female symbol is for WinMo 6) You’ve seen all the screenshots and now you’re on the fence: do I get a Windows Mobile 5 device now or wait? Perhaps this 20-minute video of Windows Mobile Professional that Microsoft MVP Chris Leckness put together will help!

After watching the video, some of the more noteworthy features appear to be the Windows Live integration and broader Microsoft Office support. It was also nice to see that several current third-party apps are playing nicely with WinMo 6 and I do like the Search feature on the Today screen even though an add-in provides that today. I suspect that most of the significant changes are under the hood and Chris even alludes to that since so many screens and apps looked awfully familiar. In any case, this is one of the first video looks at Windows Mobile 6 and gives you a good idea of what to expect.


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