Vice Launches VBS.TV


Hipster uber-brand Vice has infected another medium with their signature off-color take on news and culture with VBS.TV, instantly making a loser in the race to win the favor of web-savvy, educated 18- to 35-year-olds looking for edgy content. For starters, thanks to their use of Brightcove, I can embed this clip of comedian David Cross explaining his tattoos.

VBS.TV’s creative director is none other than Spike Jonze, and they smugly promise that “VBS will exploit every utopian vision the internet has thus far failed to live up to.”

They do have a (broken) link for an RSS feed and a forum, but they use a lot more Flash navigation elements than I’d like. Still, they’ll have the kind of racy content that wouldn’t get past the prudes at YouTube, and that counts for a lot.

To get a sense of Vice’s perspective on world events, check out the multi-part series “Heavy Metal in Baghdad,” which started as a story in the magazine years ago. Other content includes hilarious travel shorts and more Do’s & Dont’s, which is everyone’s favorite feature from the magazine.



The site is great but I can’t help wondering where VICE Travel DVD personaltyTrace Crutchfield is? Did they loose him in the City of God favella?

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