Nokia’s E90: Engadget’s got the goods, er pics

In the wee hours o’ the morning, most of us are sleeping. I’m convinced that the Engadget team doesn’t actually sleep, but instead has a constant intravenous espresso drip going. How else can you explain pics and details of the previously-rumored, now spotted Nokia E90 Communicator at 3:41 am?!?

We’re sure to see many more pics and details in the near future, but a few pics reminiscent of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell were captured on an apparent "search and snap" mission. The E90 does appear to have a full keyboard if you split the phone open longways; surprisingly, the unit isn’t much bigger than a Nokia E61. Engadget indicates the E90 will be quad-band capable with HSDPA and WiFi. If you’ve been waiting to see the goods, or just see if the E90 is real, hop on over for their undercover pics.


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