Josh dumps VZW for free, how you can too

Josh_bancroftJosh Bancroft just took advantage of a free out from his Verizon Wireless contract based on information from The Consumerist. Now that Verizon is increasing the text message rates by 50% from $.10 to $.15 each, you’re within your rights to get out of your contract without the $175 early termination fee if the increased rates materially affect you adversely.

I’m personally staying with Verizon Wireless even though I just got a secondary plan through T-Mobile. If you’ve been looking for an out however, this might be your best chance to do so without forking over $175. I highly recommend reading Josh’s post first; not only does he share details of his dropped plan, but he outlines his new setup with a Cingular 8525 and mentions how he’s using GrandCentral as a single, centralized phone number. Ron P. mentioned GrandCentral to me in his comments yesterday; thanks for the heads up! I already have a GC number and never thought to add it to My Faves; great tip!


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