How to be more productive with a Treo: Marc Orchant speaks


Marc_orchant_1Aside from posting on cool devices over the past few years here, one of the themes we try to hit time and time again is how to use those mobile devices and increase your productivity. OK, there’s some "fun factor" as well, but more productivity gives you more time for fun in the long run.

That’s why I had to point out a 25 minute podcast that Marc Orchant recorded with David Spark for Sprint’s The Communication Insider. The entire show focuses on productivity with a Treo and if you made a list of who’s most productive with a Treo, Marc’s pic above (credit: ZDNet) would have to be near the tops of the list. Treo power-users might be familiar with many of the concepts and apps that Marc discussed in details, but I’m betting there still a few new tricks you can learn. New to a Treo, or any mobile device for that matter? This podcast is treasure-trove to get you started: invest the 25 minutes today and I’ll bet you that you’ll get ten times that back in productivity before you know it!

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