Friday Vid Picks: Gavin Newsom Scandal

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What do you get when a scandal breaks in America’s digital mecca? You get tons of web video, including local news clips, citizen journalist footage and partisan shots. In fact, if you’d been following YouTube for the latest news about San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, you’d have seen this brewing for weeks.

Granted, even I didn’t expect Gavin would make the Post’s Page Six and be subject to scathing features in the Los Angeles Times, but as this roundup of clips posted to YouTube over the last few weeks shows, the wheels were coming off long before the assorted stunning admissions.

The first clip comes from local ABC news reporter Dan Noyes, who confronted Gavin a month ago about the widespread rumors related to his drinking. An incensed Gavin exits stage left into a waiting limo.

The mayor has been criticized locally for only appearing in public at tightly controlled if not outright scripted events. At a town hall meeting on the topic of homelessness, protestors turned up in chicken costumes, much to the chagrin of the Mayor’s press team.

Later in the month, my old friends at SFist broke a story about Newsom’s Press Secretary, Peter Ragone, posting anonymous comments on their blog. ABC news picks up the story, and runs a special “iTeam” report.

Amidst a swirl of rumors and accusations, Newsom jets off to the World Economic Forum in Davos, where he appeared for an interview with Reuters in Second Life to talk about San Francisco’s technology efforts. Surprisingly, no chicken avatars appear.

The story of his affair with a staffer is broken by the San Francisco Chronicle. Gavin handles the news with a press conference. Local vloggers tape the apology and post it to YouTube.

Newsom further admits that he is seeking treatment for his drinking problem. But instead of dousing the flames with humility, it only brings on more mockery from suspended San Francisco Police Andrew Cohen, GavinWatch and even Rabbit Bites. But I’ll leave you with footage of Gavin in happier times, singing I Left My Heart in San Francisco last spring.

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