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Find Web Video Listings at MeeVee

Television listings site MeeVee this week added interactive listings for web video, including links to video sharing site clips alongside streamed episodes on network sites. The “Network Video” and “Community Video” tabs under My Guide show the results of searches you set up by adding interests — everything from streamed episodes of shows from the major networks to YouTube clips featuring your favorite sports or actors.


The Network Video tab on your guide shows ‘legal’ content like official streams from the networks and news outlets. The Community Video tab is for user clips — both unofficial clips from television and user created content. Clicking on a clip opens it in a new window or tab with a MeeVee header frame. “We’re the first ones who are kinda putting the whole thing together,” Neil Kjeldsen, MeeVee VP of marketing and content, suggested. His hope is that this could be “what convergence might look like.”

In terms of the user experience, it’s pretty good. There’s no need to register, though you’ll want to if you intend to check your guide from multiple machines. I had some trouble at first, and you’ll have to be patient after setting up your preferences while they’re saved and loaded, but MeeVee has applied the ‘beta’ tag to to signal that the new features are works in progress. The idea is that if you missed a show’s broadcast, or are looking for clips related to a show, topic or personality, you can find it all in one place.

Really, it’s just a new interface for searching across multiple sites for video, including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, US News, the New York Times, iFilm, Veoh and YouTube. It’ll even generate a custom RSS feed for your favorites.

“We have relationships with all the studios already,” Kjeldsen said. “We’re offering them a safe zone.” By linking directly to the content at the source, MeeVee keeps the lawyers happy and didn’t have to build their own technology to serve or play clips — but that means that there’s no way to just play a series of clips in a seamless stream.

After adding my own interests, a quick browse turned up Jenna Fischer from NBC’s The Office on Letterman. Though I’ve been using Yahoo TV for years now to quickly check listings, it’s never helped me find more Jenna Fischer. I think I just decided to switch.