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Variety Drops Subscription Wall, one of the longstanding premium subscription sites, which had been opening step-by-step over the last year, has now completely dropped the paywall, the company mentioned in this story and this release. Variety also launched its digital edition of Daily Variety, available by subscription.
This comes after the company redesigned and relaunched its site a few months ago, decided to experiment initially with keeping the wall down, then decided to go the full way officially. It says over the last year its monthly unique users have grown to 2.4 million.
Rival Hollywood Reporter also redesigned recently and has most of its stories free now as well.

4 Responses to “Variety Drops Subscription Wall”

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  2. Thank you, Mr. Solsei, for your post regarding our pay wall implementation. While, as Rafat pointed out in his original post, we have made our Web-based content open and free for all, the digital edition is intended for subscribers. We have since made efforts to protect the links to our digitized product.

  3. Ken Solsei

    Wow – either Variety is tearing down all of their paid walls or this is some sloppy DRM. I was able to get around the password protection on the digital issues of Variety in about ten minutes. For example, here is an unprotected link to today's issue:
    You can get to any of the other digital issues by simply changing the date in the URL. I get lots of digital subscriptions – from Zinio, NXTbook and others – and have never seen such an easily compromised system.