Walt Mossberg, Video Star

The look-who’s-a-vlogger file got some real mainstream credibility Thursday, when star tech columnist Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal outed himself as a DIY video star. Granted, since Walt has the resources of the WSJ behind him he’s not getting his fingers dirty dabbling with the joys of title editing and b-roll insertions (according to Walt’s column today he merely turns over his self-recorded content to the WSJ ‘web producers,’ who handle the time-consuming work of making everything look nice).

So no, don’t expect to see Walt at Vloggercon anytime soon with a Final Cut Pro t-shirt. Still, the beauty and the power of Mossberg’s columns are his identification with the struggles of everyman in the sometimes confusing world of tech interfaces. So if Walt is telling the world it’s easy to make your own videos, that’s another big chasm that NewTeeVee has hurdled. Brightcove servers willing, enjoy the codger-meets-NewTeeVee tutorial below!


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