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Time Inc To Launch a Cable VOD Channel

Time Inc EVP John Squires is speaking at the Dealmarkers summit in NYC today, and he had a small bit of news: The company is soon going to announce the launch of a cable VOD channel, but refused to expand on what the theme of the channel will be. The content will also be available online and other multiplatform channels.
From his description and talks, it might have some lifestyle videos from InStyle, possibly. More when we can pin it down….I am assuming it will on be TV Cable.

One Response to “Time Inc To Launch a Cable VOD Channel”

  1. This is not very clear. We have TasteTV On Demand on Comcast On Demand, which is what we think of when hear the term VOD. However, we already thought that Time had VOD on its system. But perhaps Time means online VOD. So…pin them down for some clarity please. (from Andre at TasteTV,