The Mini Desk – webworker tool of the week


mini desk

A web worker’s working environment is the key to productivity. Great desks with great organizers can make or break a worker’s day. Have you thought about customizing a desk lately? How about a desk made from a Mini. As in an Austin Mini. Oh ya, how cool would that be? Imagine having a nice custom Mini as your working location, making it to the top of any modern furniture collector’s dreams. It sure would be unique.

Made by Mini Statements in the UK, customers can choose the body color to match it to their office. Choose from leather, wood, metal, or any color vinyl top then pick your choice of rims and tires to get bolted on. The Mini desk also comes with a stereo, personalized license plates, complete working headlights, hazards and spotlights, with storage under the hood. Could it be beneficial to your work? Or would it just make for an extreme conversation piece? It’s priced just under $4500. And shipped from the UK.



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