Samsung’s answer to the iPhone: Ultra Smart F700



Well that didn’t take long: Samsung announced a very interesting new phone at the 3GSM conference and it appears to be squarely marketed against the iPhone in terms of the interface. Akihabara News has plenty of pics, including their photo above, as well as the info from the official press release.

While it’s oh-so-unlikely (read: impossible) that you’ll be able to play iTunes music on the Samsung Ultra Smart F700, it does support most of the mainstream audio music formats. Add that to an Adobe-designed full touchscreen interface along with a slide-out keyboard and (buckle your seatbelts) 7.2 Mbps HSDPA support in addition to EDGE fallback, and you’ve got an very interesting product. Oh, the 5-megapixel camera might come in handy as well. Mark my words: this will be a very interesting year for smartphones, and not just those from fruit flavored named companies.


tyler 0;-)

the ultra-smart F700 is awsome! I wish I had enough $$$ 4 it

John Christian

It looks beautiful, but with no Wifi it misses out. If you want 3G and Wifi just get a HTC TyTn… I was kinda hoping this Samsung would compete with that… no luck there.


But it has HSDPA which iPhone doesn’t. I like to have both 3G and Wifi, but if I have to choose one, I will go for 3G since it’s readily available and fast enough.


You know what this phone misses compared to the iPhone? It does not have wifi…

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