Romantic Interlude: ‘My Super Proposal’


So there was this guy who mounted a big campaign to propose to his girlfriend on national television during the Super Bowl.

He actually got pretty close to his goal, with CBS apparently calling him multiple times throughout the game to say his ad might air.

The whole thing was super coordinated, with press releases and TV and radio interviews, leading many to assume it was a would-be viral marketing hoax, but the guy maintained steadfastly on his blog that he was legit. But the ad didn’t end up getting aired during the Super Sunday broadcast.

So the guy — he’s now revealed his name is Rand Fishkin — pulled it together to buy an ad on a local broadcast of Veronica Mars, his girlfriend’s favorite show. It aired Wednesday night, and she almost TiVoed past the ad, but froze when she saw Rand on TV.

He posted the ad, and her reaction, to IFILM. The proof is in the hyperventilating pudding, as they say.

Update: Here’s a detailed summary from the Seattle P-I, including tidbits like this: “As if the plot wasn’t thick enough, Fishkin wasn’t even the original JP. The first was a Tennessee gentleman who came up with the idea, but had to abandon it when his girlfriend found out and said no thanks, I really like my anonymity.”

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