Portable iTunes Library for Notebook-Toters

This one goes out to all my fellow notebook users out there. As iTunes expands to offer more and more downloadable content, the size of the (ever poorly named) Music folder on your hard drive will continue to envelope your free space. My Music folder is just a shade larger than my Pictures folder, which starts to create a portability issue. So what to do in order to keep your music with you for any-time listening?

lots of musicA tip over at Macosxhints has a pretty decent sounding solution. The gist of it is, using one of Doug’s Applescripts to apply label color to your iTunes tracks. Then use a backup tool (the hint uses Chronosync) to only backup (from external HD to internal iTunes folder) aptly labeled tracks for optimal mobility. I can think of a couple potential drawbacks, but if you’re in need of space, and can eliminate some of that music you don’t usually listen to, this could be a step in the right direction.

I haven’t given it a shot yet, but hopefully I can find some time this weekend to get my hands a little dirty. If you’ve got some great ideas for freeing up space, or dynamic backup schemes for mobile Mac users, please share them in the comments.


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