Nokia hid an FM radio in the N800


jkOTR reader & commenter, gorkon, shot me an interesting note last night while I was shopping for my Dash. Turns out that Nokia tucked in an FM radio in that N800 Internet Tablet along with the WiFi and Bluetooth radios. Folks over at Internet Tablet Talk found this out and have a nice link to an application for using that radio, not to mention a video of it in action by Johnathan Greene using the headphones as an antenna. This is pretty slick, but I have to wonder why we haven’t seen any mention of the included FM radio in any documentation? If I was marketing a device, I’d be touting all of the features, not hiding them like Easter Eggs. ;)

Edit: added a link to Johnathan’s site; Internet Tablet Talk embedded his video so I only had a link to them. Johnathan did a great job with this and narrates everything in the video!


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