Next Iteration of iPods Flash Based?


Sounds like Apple may finally be moving the big boy iPod line (those with video capabilities) to flash-based storage. The move isn’t altogether unexpected, as the nano line has already had the flash treatment.

Flash-based storage solutions provide greater durability, and radically improved battery life. The downside is the added price associated with the newer storage technology. But Apple as we all know, is rarely one to shy away from a choice of user experience over cost.



Hey guys, I love your site, but I think you’re overstating the case here. It doesn’t “sound” like anything other than an analyst speculating that Apple’s considering moving to all-flash and, well, lots of us speculate such a move without being analysts (or having any real knowledge of the situation).


I wouldn’t be surprised to see Video iPod’s using flash based storage but I still think there needs to be disc based solutions as well for the users who would rather have higher capacity. A lot of iPod’s sit on desks at peoples works or in cup holders in the car for most of their lives and don’t really need the greater durability that solid state storage offers.

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